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The authors of this site are appalled by what goes on at UND. UND is under the control of spiteful, stubborn, careless, bureaucrats who tolerate no criticism, and fail to take ordinary precautions for the safety of students, visitors, employees, faculty members and the taxpayers who support UND. These bureaucrats fail to perform adequately and of course, departments lose accreditation, the University's reputation declines, and student enrollment falls. They respond half-heartedly by belatedly hiring experts to restore accreditation, but firing them on false charges of disruption when they criticize the problems they were hired to cure. As for the enrollment statistics, no problem - they simply fake the data! When embarrassed about having hired and promoted sexual predators, habitual liars, or unqualified individuals they cover that up too.

We sincerely hope the exposure this site generates helps prevent others from being abused by UND. We also hope the exposure this site generates helps UNDís administration correct past problems so all of us can be proud of the University of North Dakota.

Documented & Verifiable Material

UND Academic Quality

Due Process? Not At UND

UND IGNORES Criminal Activities

Alcoholism Plagues UND

UND Administrators & Staff

Mishandling of Funds

UND In The Public Spotlight

UND Campus

North Dakota & Grand Forks


Racial Discrimination/Harassment

Native American Issues

Religious Discrimination/Harassment

Sexual Discrimination/Harassment

Political Discrimination/Harassment

Age Discrimination/Harassment

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UND Colleges & Programs Departments:

School of Aerospace Sciences

College of Arts & Sciences

College of Business & Public Admin

College of Education

School of Engineering & Mines

School of Law

School of Medicine

Health & Physical Ed + Athletic Dept

School of Nursing


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UND Student Missing!  Possibly Abducted!  (Source Associated Press)

Sex Predator Held in Coed's Kidnap


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