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Law Specialties: Intellectual Property Law

1. University of California–Berkeley
2. George Washington University (DC)
3. Franklin Pierce Law Center (NH)
4. New York University
5. Cardozo-Yeshiva University (NY)
  University of Houston
7. Columbia University (NY)
8. Stanford University (CA)
9. Santa Clara University (CA)
10. Boston University
11. DePaul University (IL)
12. John Marshall Law School (IL)
13. Duke University (NC)
14. Illinois Institute of Technology (Chicago-Kent)
15. University of Texas–Austin
16. University of Washington
17. Georgetown University (DC)
18. George Mason University (VA)
  Harvard University (MA)
20. Fordham University (NY)
21. University of Michigan–Ann Arbor
22. University of California–Los Angeles
23. American University (Washington College of Law) (DC)
24. Boston College
  University of Pennsylvania
  University of San Francisco
  Wayne State University (MI)

*This ranking was computed in January 2002, based on data from a survey sent out in the fall of the previous year.

Source: USNews 2003 Edition