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UND has lost half a dozen of its nationally funded scientists since last summer. Though more dependent on outside research dollars than ever university, is not sounding an alarm.

UND officials say the overall turn-over is not dramatically higher than in recent years and a solid corps of research remains in the faculty.

The confidence is tempered by some concern that UND could be losing some of its staying power -- particularly after the 1989 tax referral threatened salary increases won in the last Legislature.

As Richard Crawford, biology department, chairman pointed out. If our searches turn out successfully we won't be hurt in the long run, but it's getting harder and harder to find high-quality people."

His department has been hit by two recent professors -- Lewis Oring who left in December for a university position in Reno, Nev., and Bruce Barton, a Canadian who left the first of the year to be a water quality consultant in Calgary. Both nearly doubled their salaries.

In addition, a top young genetic researcher in the biology department, Robert Fleischer went on leave this semester to work on the National Zoo staff in Washington, D.C. for the Smithsonian Institute. His return uncertain.

UND most recently lost the Eastern European expertise of Graduate School Dean Duncan Perry. On leave in Munich, Germany, to work for Radio Free Europe, Perry says research and writing opportunities abroad mean he won't return.

The medical school, meanwhile, has lost molecular biologist Stephen Wikel, who had been considered UND's top prospect for developing a marketable patent, with a anti-tick and anti-biting fly vaccine research oriented to livestock and poultry industries. He had drawn more than $1 million in federal and private industry grants to UND before leaving for a more attractive post in the Oklahoma university system.

UND, also lost pharmacology professor Syad Husain, who was doing nationally funded drug research before accepting a federal health post last fall.

And the medical school still needs to fill a big opening in physiology that was created last summer when former chairman Richard Rose resigned. he left during a dispute over a female student's sexual harassment complaint, which still is in the courts. Rose took more than $100,000 in federal research grant money with him when he left UND for the privately run Chicago Medical School.

These and other scattered resignations of research workers on campus space summer haven't caused a lot of concern among administrators vet because there's still hope that job searches will attract other promising scientist to UND and because research containers at record dollar levels.

Among senior faculty not returning next school year will be Orlen Krauss, associate dean of physics, Alex Kotch, director of the Office of Research and Program Development; and Milton Winger former math chairman. All are retiring.

The retirement list also includes professors Meinhardt Bader, accounting and business law, and Phil Hisey and Jack Miller both in music.

Only six faculty resignations since Jan. 1 have been reported, UND has a total of about 700 full- and part-time teachers.

Source: Grand Forks Herald, February 8, 1991