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(Pay and inequitable working conditions cited by professors for UND's decline.)

A UND chemistry professor has resigned and three others, including sociology department chairman James Larson, are taking unpaid 12-month leaves of absence.

According to Bernard O'Kelly, dean of the College of Arts and Sciences, chemistry professor Martin Jones will be leaving the end of this academic year for a position at Adams State University in southern Colorado. Jones has been at UND for 9 years, O'Kelly said.

Larson, who has been at UND more than 17 years, will be moving to Minnesota at the end of spring semester to work as temporary acting associate vice chancellor for academic affairs at Minnesota State University Office in St. Paul. He will be joining his wife, Alice, who has worked in Minneapolis for about the past 18 months, O'Kelley said.

O'Kelly said this isn't the first time Larson has taken a leave of absence He said it is something he encourages professors to do. "I encourage them for the professional development, and it is in the interest of the public. It shows we have good faculty," O'Kelly said.

Others taking a leaves of absence are Richard Ludtke, professor of sociology, who will be completing a research of rural health policy analysis at UND's medical school. The study is funded by Kellogg Foundation. Another professor of sociology, Richard Wilsnack, resigned from the department to accept an appointment at UND's medical school earlier last month.

The third professor taking a year's leave is Jerry Metzger, who will be working for a U.S. government agency in Washington.

Meanwhile, Zena Beth McGlashan, a journalism professor, is returning this summer from a leave she took at the University of Texas in El Paso.

Reference: Grand Forks Herald, April 18, 1989