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Editor's Note"

This is an interesting article, FAA data shows 1995 was not an accident free year for UND.  Data also shows UND had 8 mishaps in 1994. Likewise, UND has not had a twelve month accident free period since 1985!

Click here to see a list of UND's aviation mishaps

Source: Grand Forks Herald, December 15, 1995

UND Aviation Lauded (MISTAKENLY) For Accident-Free Year
Sue Ellyn Scaletta, Herald Staff Writer

``You did almost impossible things,'' John Odegard told more than 100 assembled members of UND's aerospace program Thursday.

The Center for Aerospace Sciences dean then proudly enumerated some of the feats that contributed to the award he had just accepted from the Federal Aviation Administration.

``You flew more than 65,000 hours, made more than 115,000 landings -- without an accident or incident,'' he said.

The special safety award was presented to UND's aviation program for a year of accident-free and incident-free flying. Fred Clark, the FAA's Fargo operations unit supervisor who presented the award, called that ``a remarkable record. We haven't had this kind of experience with any other aviation entity.''

He praised programs UND developed over the past year and the team effort that produced the record.

Odegard, his voice breaking with emotion at times, said he is proud to be dean of ``the best aviation program there is'' and praised Pat Bodelson, director of operations, and Dan Siewert, director of safety, who led the efforts. And Odegard led a rousing ovation for the flight instructors, maintenance personnel and other staff and faculty he said truly deserve the credit.

But Siewert and Bodelson credited Odegard.

``It's John's vision,'' said Siewert. ``He's looking ahead five or 10 years while the rest of us are trying to figure out what to do tomorrow.''

Odegard is being treated for cancer. He said later that he is feeling well and working several days a week.