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The FAA Does Not Actually Rate Flight Schools

UND has convinced many student pilots, perspective student pilots and North Dakota taxpayers that UNDís Aerospace Programs are highly rated by the FAA (Federal Aviation Administration).  Well,ÖÖ..thatís not really the case.  The FAA does not endorse any particular flight school. There is a program, however, called the Excellence in aviation Award program that requires an individual to nominate their favorite school.

Many aviation program directors feel the FAA's program is off to a good start, but will not dedicate valuable resources to participate in this voluntary program until it is much stronger than it is today.



The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has issued a call for nominations for its Excellence in Aviation Award. Through this award, the FAA formally recognizes significant accomplishments as a result of aviation related research efforts. This special distinction is intended to augment the ability of the government to recognize superior research efforts and to highlight benefits of such activities.

The Excellence in Aviation designation is a highly competitive, non-monetary award that is presented annually to individuals and/or institutions following an evaluation of documentation which clearly shows how their past research benefits the aviation community today. Nominees must be able to show significant impact and benefit of extended aviation research efforts and application of improvements within the aviation industry.

This is the fourth year that the agency will be presenting this prestigious award. Each year the nominee pool has grown, reflecting a broad spectrum of aviation-related research activities. Nominations and supporting documentation for the 2000 Excellence in Aviation Award will be accepted through May 1, 2000. The nomination form can be found on the FAA's Office of Aviation Research website. For additional information on the Excellence in Aviation Award, please contact Ms. Denise Davis, FAA's Office of Aviation Research, at (202) 267-9426 or by email at denise.davis@faa.gov.

Source: Federal Aviation Administration