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Night Workers  Sleep Away Tax Dollars On The Job   

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Several University of North Dakota custodians spend several hours during their shifts sitting in the lounge area at Engelstad arena.  For example, Larry Berg and Chris Lee begin their shift at 11pm at their assigned cleaning areas located at Hyslop.  They usually work Sunday through Thursday. During their shift, they leave three times every night to visit the player’s lounge at Engelstad where they remain at a minimum of an hour to two each evening.  This has gone on for several years and their supervisors know it.

Several other custodians on campus do much the same. For instance, one custodian named Jim Kieser (assigned work area Engelstad Arena) sleeps downstairs at Engelstad Arena during his night shift.

Employees who sleep or lounge on the job are stealing Taxpayer dollars. Those of us employed at the University of North Dakota campus over the years are sickened by the attitudes of employees like this and supervisors who are aware of what happening but do nothing as long as their assigned cleaning areas appear clean.


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