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University of North Dakota Grand Forks Has No Parking

   There is a University Parking Committee that makes decisions on the parking designations. Duane Czapieski manages the traffic division and coordinates the parking committee...


There is a terrible parking problem at UND.  They simply do not care about their employees.  They ignore us.  They refuse to provide adequate parking, but they still expect us to come to work everyday.  I, and others, have been told to park in the street even though we have paid for "A" parking permits.  The following is an example of e-mail communication in the medical school concerning the parking problem.

Date: January 27, 2000

To: Faculty, Staff and Students
School of Medicine & Health Sciences Complex

From: Randy S. Eken, Associate Dean
Administration & Finance

Re: Parking

As we are all aware, parking has become a major concern of everyone using
our SOMHS complex. The problems have been enhanced by the steam line and
Biomedical Research Facility construction. We appreciate the continued
patience shown by all of you.

There are some changes being implemented that will again impact parking for
the complex. Effective immediately, the parking lot west of the alley is
now an "S" permit (Student) designated lot. "A" permit holders can no
longer park in the west parking lot. As a result of this change "S" permit
holders con no longer park in either "HMU" or "A" designated parking lots.

"A" permit holders MAY park in "HMU" designated parking lots. "A" permit
holders may NOT park in "S" designated parking lots.

Please do not park in the metered parking spaces in the south parking
lot. Tickets will be given to all individuals who park in metered spots
without paying the meter fee.

All parking tickets that are issued January 31, 2000 and after will not be
waived. Please honor the normal parking rules and be patient.

Thanks for your attention.


Date: Thursday, January 27, 2000 9:57 AM
Subject: Parking

This doesn't make any sense.
First, the faculty are thanked for their patience during difficult times.
Second, they are rewarded by having further parking changed from A to S.
Every faculty member and staff person appreciates that the present
circumstances are already marginal. If one has other duties that prevent
the securing of a parking space by 8.00 am, it is impossible. If it is a
day when their is no off-street parking, it is impossible. With the new
changes, it will be consistently impossible.
In the meantime, those measures introduced to help have been elitist. I
refer to the further extension of privileged parking, this time for the
animal facility faculty. At the same time, solutions with real possibility
of success have been ignored. For example, there is frequently unused
parking in the large lot south of University Avenue and east of Columbia.
Why not move the HMU space from the Medical School to there, and convert
the present HMU to A? - A, not more S.

If there are no alternatives, should we begin to make provisions for
faculty and staff to work from home? With some innovative networking, this
is perfectly within our technical capability.
How should we proceed? To whom should this be addressed? It is clearly not
Lettie's responsibility. Somebody out there respond, please.

Bill Mann
Department of Family Medicine

Date: Thursday, January 27, 2000 10:44 AM
Subject: Parking


To all,

I have been chosen to articulate to you the current policy on parking. I do
not, however, control the decisions on parking. We have been working with
the Parking Office on all aspects of the parking situation for our complex.
At this time the policy articulated seems to be the best compromise
available. Yesterday we made a further request to change at least part of
the "HMU" lot to additional "A" spaces.
I would ask that you address your concerns about parking to the Traffic
Division. There is a university parking committee that makes decisions on
the parking designations. Duane Czapieski manages the traffic division and
coordinates the parking committee.

Thank you for your patience.


Date: Tuesday, February 08, 2000 4:11 PM
Subject: parking

I just received a $10 ticket for having two wheels on the curb in the South parking lot. I received this ticket despite the fact that there were zero available spaces, my car was not blocking any others and I am paying for parking that is not being provided. Clearly the traffic division is doing nothing to help with what is already a bad situation. I agree with Dr. Mann that something should be done to improve the parking situation.

Paul N. Epstein
Associate Professor
Dept of Pharmacology, Physiology and Therapeutic
University of North Dakota School of Medicine
Grand Forks, ND 58202-9037


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