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Published on 04/30/98, GRAND FORKS HERALD

A UND faculty committee has recommended a former communication instructor be awarded a year's salary for her dismissal a year ago.

Pattijean Hooper was not rehired last May after teaching public relations at UND for five years. In a grievance filed against the university, Hooper contended that her contract was improperly changed and she was forced out because of her criticism of UND's firing of School of Communication Director Lana Rakow in 1996.  

As the story goes, Hooper initially filed charges with Sally Page alleging that a student of hers was sexually attracted to her. Besides writing her bizarre love letters, this student was also following her she thought. When she left her home one day to walk her dog, she was alarmed to run into him in front of her home! When Ms. Hooper filed charges with Sally Page, she was told that she was the problem and the process to dismiss her began. Ms. Hooper suspected that the reason she was actually asked to leave was her involvement with the Lana Rakow incident. She appealed and UND officials seeing there was little chance of winning paid her off.

Editing Board Note: UND Legal Fees $150.000 + Settlement = another $250.000 bites the dust!