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An Affidavit of Admission from Chris Milford of the UND Physics Department

Last March, shortly after the failed censorship attempt on this site, we began to receive a series of bizarre letters. Obviously the author of these letters that included death threats was orthographically challenged a.k.a. a very poor speller.

We traced the originating IP number and were not terribly surprised to find that these letters were coming from UND Physics Department. UND officials were notified, but of course, as usual they did absolutely nothing.

The following are some samples of what we received:

Are there any officals out there, SHUT THIS SITE DOWN!!!

From: Antigone (URO)
Date: 28 Mar 2000
Time: 17:16:47
Remote Name:


This site is a piece of shit. The webmistress should have her hands removed for propagating lies and promoting smut. This site should be shut down, the individuals who support this site should be delt with acordinly. Take note of the following words of wisdom... " You, you have no business with the dead, nor do the gods above--This is violence you have forced apon the heavens. And so the avengers, the dark destroyers late but true to the mark, now lie in wate for you, the furies sent by the gods and the god of death to strike you down with the pains that you perfected!" -Tiresias " Antigone"

That letter was traced to the address on the following page

From: Antigone (URO)
Date: 30 Mar 2000
Time: 12:07:27
Remote Name:


FREE SPEACH??? Fine I will inact my right to free speach now: GO TO HELL AND DIE. Vivan Nelson is a worthless bitch. Her site is shit, she doesnt have anything better to do then bash other people so lets start bashing her with lies, I heard she likes to engage in acts of animal sex and have her picture posted on the internet. Do a search for it. 

This page was traced to the address on the following page

After enduring these kinds of correspondence, Glenda Miskin was able to obtain the following affidavit from Wagner's Lab assistant Chris Milford who admitted sending these these letters. 

Here is what a reader submitted to our discussion group.

 Acceptable Use Policy

From: Ohio State University  (Med School)
Date: 20 Jun 2000
Time: 13:12:14

On March 28, 2000 an individual labeling himself as "Antigone (URO" posted an article to this discussion whereby he/she essentially threatened the authors of this site. The IP number ( revealed that this message originated from the University of North Dakota (wit 207-2.physics.und.NoDak.edu). What ever happened to this person? How did UND discipline this individual? Or is this just another North Dakota white wash? Doesn't UND have an acceptable use policy regarding its computers? Or are all written UND policies meaningless?