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Denise Markovich

Although Denise Markovich was honored in a ceremony at the end of February 2000, life at UND as a woman faculty member was very tough on her.

Ms. Markovich was labeled a 'whistle-blower' at UND when she complained that her salary was and remained consistently lower than her male co-workers. Ms. Markovich was told that if she did not like it-she could leave UND. She fought and eventually won a reluctant $10,000 raise. The following articles will support her misery in being discriminated against sexually by UND administration.

UND celebrated Thursday the 117th anniversary of the founding of the university.

The highlight of the annual Founders Day banquet in the Memorial Union Ballroom were the faculty and department awards for excellence in teaching, research and service. Honorees included retiring Professor of Finance Denise Markovich. 

Published on 02/25/2000, GRAND FORKS HERALD


A UND panel next week will hear sex discrimination grievance filed by an associate professor in the economics department.

Denise Markovich initiated grievance in 1987 against Fred Lawrence dean of the UND College of Business and Public Administration. It come before a three-members panel next week because it does not appeared a solution can be negotiated.

Published on 05/06/1988, GRAND FORKS HERALD

A UND associate professor says her sex discrimination grievance is not about money but equality.

Her department dean contends the issue is not equality but qualifications.

Published on 05/13/1988, GRAND FORKS HERALD

A UND panel called the proposed transfer of associate professor Denise Markovich from the economics department to the finance department "at best, sloppy," but did not decide if sex discrimination was involved.

"Frankly, I don't want to say it's one way or the other, because I don't know," said Carol Hill, associate professor of family and community nursing. The other panel members agreed. They are psychology professor Ralph Kolstoe and English professor Elizabeth Hampsten, who chaired the panel.

Published on 05/17/1988, GRAND FORKS HERALD

In a report issued Friday, UND President Thomas Clifford concurred with an appeal board's finding that associate professor, Denise Markovich did not have enough evidence to support her sex-discrimination case.

However, Clifford rejected the board's May 20 recommendation that Markovich be appointed to the finance department.

Published on 06/18/1988, GRAND FORKS HERALD

A UND associate professor who had charged the dean of her college with sex discrimination should be moved to a different department and given about a $10,000 pay increase, although her sex discrimination charge was not valid, UND President Thomas Clifford has decided.

Clifford's decision, outlined in a memo dated Sept. 1 came after he examined a grievance panel report on a discrimination charge by Denise Markovich against W. Fred Lawrence, dean of the College of Business and Public Administration.

Published on 09/02/1988, GRAND FORKS HERALD