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UND's College of Education-One Of Its Student's Also Has Horror Stories To Tell

Lawrence Goodnature too has a horror story to tell about his experience at UND. Larry is in the process of setting up his own Web page with scanned documents as well as *.wav recordings to substantiate a story that is very hard to believe.

Larry was a doctoral student at UND for just one semester and he earned a 4.0 GPA.  BUTTTTT Larry was warned not to express any ideas that were significantly different from what was already accepted at UND,( Larry has that warning  on audio tape) and, when he expressed ideas, he was
investigated and segregated from two classes and criminally defamed.  Larry  has, signed by UND functionaries, an admission of the background check, a letter ordering the segregation and several e or land mailed complaints that grossly defamed his character.  He also has written, signed statements by faculty which utterly contradict their own actual words.  Larry also has a very interesting tape recording of a UND Dean struggling but failing to solve an example of seventh grade homework.

Ironically, when this case came before the Graduate Committee, Goodnature was invited to come back to UND by both the Graduate Committee and  the Graduate Dean.

Larry disrespectfully declined to return to UND.  Not wanting to waste any more time at a place like that, he paid off his apartment lease and went home where he received his UND grades and an e-mail from a UND professor who identified him as a mongrel. A mongrel, indeed, with a 4.0 GPA at the doctoral level!

Sally Page's Letter To Godnature

When Larry finishes his Web page we will add a link to it. - The Editing Board

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