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Age Discrimination-My first brush with UND administration

By Glenda Miskin

In my case I came to UND to be a music student and was told by the acting Chair that I was too 'old' to study music and refused testing. I approached five members of the UND music staff, all who since have left and was told the same thing. I took my "problem" to the Board of Higher Ed of ND and it was bounced back to ex ROTC officer Jerry Bulisco at the UND Dean of Students office.

Bulisco asked me what the problem was and I explained that perhaps UND should consider tapping into the older than average population and that in fact Moorhead has an inside track for 300-400 older than average students per semester and that for instance mandatory classes are not held between 8am and 9am as parents need to drive children to school, nor at 3 pm when parents need to pick up kids from school. I also explained Moorhead's adult book exchange and support programs.

Jerry Bulisco responded with "but Hyslop (the UND gymnasium) is full. I don't know where we would build this inside track. We could build it outside..."

I then realized that this moron was so thick he was thinking of an inside track for students as being a 'dirt path they raced on'!!! I submitted this as a letter to the editor in the GF Herald, it was printed, everyone laughed, and in retaliation Jerry Bulisco from the UND Dean of Students office phoned the U.S. CUSTOMS AGENCY and claimed that he thought that I was distributing child pornography and beastiality on the net. They came to investigate and ALL charges were found to be false-but there is nothing like Federal Men in Suits at your front door accompanied by UND Police Officers to make you re-think coming up against these JERKS at UND.

After my complaint to ND higher ed, UND threatened me a lot. Alice Pohls at the Registrars office threatened to get me and my kids kicked out of housing if I did not drop my complaint. I made her threats public. She and Sally Page (the unaffirmative action officer) tried to get together to see what they could do to get rid of me. Their email correspondence with each other saying this, was in my student file. I have copies.. Cheryl Saunders saw it and could not believe it. Neither could Jon Lindgren!