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Regulations Prohibit Sexual Relationships Between University Faculty and Their Students

The AAUP (American Association of University Professors) manual specifically prohibits sexual relationships between university faculty and their students. This is because the Professor is in Power over the student. UND however has their own policy which enables the Professors to take full advantage of students.

The question a parent should have is "is it safe to send my son or daughter to UND"? With this policy active, we assure you that it is not safe.

Students approached by their professors have brought this matter up with Affirmative Action Officer Sally Page and her assistant, Joy Johnson. The students asked if the professor could  do that. They received the same answer from both, that although the North Dakota Department of Higher Education prohibits Sexual Harassment, Faculty and Staff are not specifically prohibited from carrying on romantic relationships with their students.

This is a problem younger UND students are faced with often as lecherous older professors who know very well that they have no rules to follow consider each of the young co-eds some kind of game-in open season. The girls are told that if they dare to complain- UND will side with the teacher. This is true as it is a lot easier for UND to get rid of a student than a tenured professor. Dr. Myrna Olson recently Married her student who is more than 20 years her junior!

This applies as well to older than average students whose Professors often see them as peers. It is kind of weird when your professors are asking you out on dates and such.

Teachers do not discriminate, gay professors have been known to make passes at the students as well! 

Below is a letter from Sally Page to Lawrence Goodnature stating the same facts that many other complaining students have received.



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