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The University of North Dakota Held Hearings Against At Least Two Students Knowing Those Students Were Out Of Town and Would Return Within A Couple Of Days!

In several cases, University of North Dakota administrators deliberately held hearings against students while those students were out of town.

Vivian Nelson (1990) was served with a notice of a hearing UND intended to hold against her less than 18 hours before the appointed hearing time! She was in Wyoming at the time, and could not get back to Grand Forks for the hearing. Incidentally, UND refused to allow her to appear by telephone.

Glenda Miskin (1999) was served with a 5 day notice of a hearing while she was away on a Cooperative Study in California. Of the five days, they included Good Friday, Easter, and Easter Monday. 

Of course we all know that Lana Rakow was denied due process. So was Heatherdawn Rao, who was served with her hearing papers while she was stationed in Korea. She decided not to respond at all and left the nightmare of UND, behind her!

Dr. Benjamin Thong was fired  from his position at the University Learning Center and told by UND police to leave the campus and never return, Thong's attorney said.

Due process violations are a common UND practice and substantive due process? Forget it. Substantive due process is a nonexistent process at the University of North Dakota.