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Most Debt Incurred By Students After Graduation From National Universities

Debt Load, Class of 2000
Many undergraduates leave college weighed down by student debt. U.S. News has compiled a list of National Universities whose 2000 graduates carried the heaviest debt loads. The data include loans taken out by students from the colleges themselves, from financial institutions, and from federal, state, and local governments. Parents' loans are not included.

It is important to note the second number entered for a college, labeled "Average amount of debt," is the average amount borrowed by those students who incurred debt, not the average for all students. The first number indicates what percentage of the student body has taken on debt.

School % of grads with debt Average amount of debt
Virginia Commonwealth University * 71% $22,379
Univ. of Missouri–Kansas City * 81% $22,127
University of Vermont * 50% $21,500
Cleveland State University * 31% $21,106
Marquette University (WI) 51% $20,721
University of North Dakota * 66% $20,570
Tulane University (LA) 50% $20,040
Polytechnic University (NY) 55% $20,002
University of Denver 44% $19,981

* Public Institutions

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