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The North Dakota Board of Higher Education will look at tuition options this week that could raise the cost of attending UND by $260 a year for state residents, bringing the bill to almost $2,500.

The options range to as high as 11.5 percent more tuition.

In addition, UND leaders are asking the board to approve an increase of 4.4 percent to 4.5 percent in room-and-board charges for the next academic year.

The higher ed board, which meets Thursday in Bismarck, already has approved statewide tuition increases for 1998-99. But it is looking at further jumps to make up for an estimated $4 million shortfall in tuition revenue as the result of declining enrollment.

Last month, the board voted in favor of tuition increases of $70 to $125 a year for the four-year campuses, with the largest bumps at UND and North Dakota State University in Fargo.

Because of increasing budget pressures, the board is reviewing a set of five scenarios for additional increases. The proposals were developed by Chancellor Larry Isaak and his staff.

Under one option designed to absorb the total amount of an estimated tuition shortfall for the system, the board would charge students an additional $135 a year more than the increases it approved only last month.

For the next academic year, that would make the total increases: $260 at UND and NDSU, $225 at Minot State University, $210 at Dickinson, Mayville and Valley City state universities and $135 at the two-year campuses (such as UND-Lake Region in Devils Lake).

A $260 increase would move UND's resident tuition from the current $2,235 to $2,495.

UND leaders also have asked for room and board increases exceeding those earlier recommended by the chancellor's cabinet. Leaders say they need to increase pay for resident assistants who live and work in the halls with students. They also want to increase fees for computer service and other telecommunications.

Grand Forks Herald, March 18, 1998