Discrimination & Harassment at UND

Age Discrimination/Harassment
Age Discrimination-My first brush with UND administration     Source: Glenda Miskin
Clyde Morris-Ruling Allows UND Professors Lawsuit To Proceed     Source: Grand Forks Herald
Religious Discrimination/Harassment

Student Dismissed And Injunction Imposed Because Officials Wrongfully Thought  She Was Moslem     Source: Vivian Nelson and United States District Court

Coming Soon! The Labeling Of And Discrimination Against Jewish Students At UND
Coming Soon! Apparently, Catholics are not immune from harassment at UND either.
Racial Discrimination/Harassment
Diversity!? What University of North Dakota Students Say About UND's Student Body     Source: Princeton Review
Inequitable Treatment Of Blacks Along With A Lack Of Cultural Diversity Plague UND     Source: Grand Forks Herald, Fargo Forum and AG Week
UND: Feds Open Civil Rights Investigation     Source: Grand Forks Herald
UND Dean of Students Lillian Elsinga said Hate Crimes Increasing     Source: Grand Forks Herald
Former Professor, Civil Rights Activist, Fights for Emeritus Status As the only Native teacher in the Native  American Studies Program, was Retired UND Professor John Hunter Gray aka John Salter Simply "Passed Over"?     Source: Grand Forks Herald
John Salter's Reply to the Herald Article UND: Sad & Dreary Little Postscript     Source: John Salter
Nursing School Involved In Discrimination Case Against An Indian Student     Source: Grand Forks Herald
U.S. Civil Rights Commission Comes to Fargo  N.D. is the only state in the U.S. with no E.O.C. or Human Rights Commission!     Source: WDAY News
Rights Panel Urged for N.D     Source: Fargo Forum.
Cultural Discrimination at UND - Coming Soon
NDSU Retaliates against  Physics Professor Llano For Filing  EEOC Claim By Firing Him. Llano Wins  Case in Fargo Federal Court With Full Legal Fees Paid     Source: US District Court
Fargo Human Relations Panel Holds First Meeting     Source: Fargo Forum
One of our Jewish readers complained she felt discriminated against at UND because she is Jewish-Coming Soon
Salter  Brushed Off By New V.P. Ettling     Source: John Ettling
Letter Of Support Of Salter By Lisa M. Carney     Source: Lisa Carney
UND'S Black Student Program Coordinator Leaves UND     Source: Grand Forks Herald
Fraternity Float Jeered & Made Racist Comments Against Native Americans During Homecoming Parade     Source: Grand Forks Herald
Another Culture Center Director Quits:  UND's Commitment To Diversity Questioned     Source: Grand Forks Herald
University Cultural Services: UND Official Quits Under Cloud     Source: Grand Forks Herald
Second Official At UND Suspended     Source: Grand Forks Herald
The Best Remedy? Students Not In Agreement On UND'S Closing Of Cultural Center     Source: Grand Forks Herald
Political Discrimination/Harassment
Judy DeMers Advises Out Of State Student To Register And Vote Her Way In Election     Source: Vivian Nelson
Sexual Discrimination/Harassment
UND Professor Testifies To Unfair Treatment     Source: Grand Forks Herald
UND Officials Seek Answers& Solutions To Gender Disparity Salary Gap     Source: Grand Forks Herald
UND Professor Files Sex Harassment Suit     Source: Grand Forks Herald
UND Sexually Harasses Professor - Sheila Deitz That Stunt Costs ND Taxpayers  Nearly $250,000 !!!     Source: Grand Forks Herald
Possibly Hundreds Of UND Women Are Raped Each Year     Source: Grand Forks Herald
Campuses Need New Approach To Deal With Date Rape-GF Legislator Says Universities Should Adopt Tougher Policies On Sexual Assault     Source: Grand Forks Herald
How Many Women Are Raped Each Year at UND?   UND Student Sues Saying Officials Laughed At Her Before Rapist Confessed     Source: Grand Forks Herald
Former Worker Sues UND Radio Station, Others For $35 Million, Man Says He Was Discriminated Against     Source: Grand Forks Herald
Recognized For Excellence In Teaching, Research and Service, A Supervisor Called Her Qualifications Inadequate     Source: Grand Forks Herald
Former UND Student Sues Over Dismissal From OT Program     Source: Grand Forks Herald
Former Food Service Worker Suing UND She Contends She Was Subjected To Sexual Harassment     Source: Grand Forks Herald
Lisa's Story---Broken Dykes Shattered Hopes (UND-A Journey to Nowhere)     Article Donated To This Site
...And what about the University barber shop? UND's Barber Shop: Another Case Of University Condoned Harassment     Article Donated To This Site
Twin Cities Attorney: UND Not Title IX Compliant     Source: Grand Forks Herald
In Search Of The UND Salary Gap Officials Seek Answers, Solutions To Gender Disparity     Source: Grand Forks Herald
AAUP Regulations Prohibit Sexual Relationships Between University Faculty and Their Students. However UND Policy Permits Professors to Take Full Advantage of Their Students     Source: Glenda Miskin and Sally Page (University of North Dakota's Affirmative Action Officer)

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