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Due Process?  Not  Available AT UND.
April 7 Student Government Meeting Declared Void     Source: Dakota Student
UND Fires Lecturer Benjamin Thong Without Due Process. He Was Removed From Campus By UND Police     Source: Grand Forks Herald
Fired Lecturer Told To Leave Campus & Never Return     Source: Grand Forks Herald
Lack of Due Process-A Pervasive University Problem     Source: Grand Forks Herald
University Officials Vote To "Force Student To Fail"     Source: University of North Dakota School of Medicine
Due Process and Civil Rights Still NOT Adequate in North Dakota     Source: Fargo Forum
Due Process And Regulatory Compliance-A Joke At The University Of North Dakota     Source: Vivian Nelson & Southern Bell
UND Held Hearings Against At Least Two Students Knowing Those Students Were Out Of Town and Would Return Within A Couple Of Days!     Source: Glenda Miskin and Vivian Nelson
UND Denies Student Right To Appear At Her Own Hearing     Source: Vivian Nelson & Southern Bell
Another Failure Of Due Process - The UND School of Medicine     Source: University of North Dakota & Southern Bell
Suspended Student Files Appeal With UND     Source: Grand Forks Herald
Sovereign Immunity
Court Keeps UND Out Of Suit     Source: Grand Forks Herald
More On Sovereign Immunity-Coming Soon
UND's Actions In The Public Spotlight
Our Reply to UND's Response To Our Site-UND Admits The Truth Of Our Charges     Source: Web Master
March 3, 2000 Front Page Herald Article UND and the author of the article do not dispute at the very least the truth of this site's contents. That is a damning admission.     Source: Grand Forks Herald
March 19, 2000  Un-cut Letter to the Herald Editor UND should answer ex-student's claims in Public!  Source: Glenda Miskin
Censorship Attempt Fails!     Source: Web Master
Second Censorship Attempt Fails!     Source: Grand Forks Herald and Web Master
Chronicle of Higher Education's Article - An Update On The Second Censorship Attempt     Source: Chronicle of Higher Education