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Medical Confidentiality Violations-A Pervasive Problem At UND

An individual recently harmed by UND officials obtained employment in another state.  Subsequent to an illness, the individual requested their medical records from a clinic operated by the University of North Dakota School of Medicine.  UND sent the requested material plus another patient's "confidential" medical records. She sent them to us and asked if we could use them.

The material presented below, supplied by UND could be yours.  Actually the name is on it but we felt a bit uneasy attaching a name to it. If you recognize it.



Re: Robert Anderson

Date of Study: December 5, 1995

Referred by: William Mann, M.D.


Type of Study: 2-D, M Mode and Full Doppler Study including Color Flow Mapping and Imaging

Reason for study / Clinical History: Heart Murmur


M Mode evaluation and 2-D evaluation and measurements show that all cardiac chambers have normal sizes and configurations. Left venticular wall thickness is normal. LV ejection Fraction of 60% and Fractional shortening of 30% indicate normal LV function. Aortic root dimension is normal. There is no Segmental wall motion abnormality of the LV noted. No thrombi or vegetations noted in any of the chambers. No pericardial effusion noted. There is no evidence of Mitral Valve prolapse.

Full Doppler Study with Color Flow Mapping and Imaging shows no indication of any stenosis or insufficiency in any of the four cardiac valves. Velocity across the valves are all normal.

IMPRESSION: No echocardiographic abnormalities noted to explain the heart murmur and is therefore most likely functional. Normal Cardiac Structures with normal LV function.


William Mann, M.D.