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UND Fired Internationally Acclaimed Professor Fathy Messiha. 

Dissatisfied with statements made in this article, UND Fires Internationally Acclaimed Professor from the Middle-East For Speaking Out!!! Dr. Fathy Messiha's attorney Daniel Chapman of Bismarck, challenged the legality of the dismissal process and called the issue one of academic freedom. Chapman asked: Should someone lose his job because they speak up at meetings and refuse to be a "bootlicking conformist"?


UND medical school professor Fathy Messiha of the pharmacology department recently received international recognition for research related to alcohol use. He received the award from the Goerlich Foundation in Lugano, Switzerland along with two other professors, one from Germany, the other from Switzerland.  Fathy Messiha said in an interview he's had to concentrate more and more on teaching rather than research, however. He said the teaching responsibilities have grown because of resignations of other pharmacology department members the past three to four years.

Messiha, a native of Cairo, Egypt, came to UND from Texas Tech University in 1987. He is author of more than 200 scientific papers. He said his basic research should lead to a better understanding of the effects of alcohol on the reproductive systems and sexuality of men and women. However, he said he's found little opportunity to spend in the lab of late to continue his research.

Chairman David Hein said the UND pharmacology department has three positions to fill. He said it has been using help from other medical science departments and has brought a professor out of retirement to meet instructional demands. Hein, who is doing nationally funded cancer research, says laboratory studies continue at a good pace, while the search for new faculty, members goes on. One of the latest openings was created in September when pharmacology professor Syed Husain was granted a one year leave of absence from UND after accepting a federal job in Washington, D.C. He is a health science administrator for the National Institutes of Drug Abuse.

Grand Forks Herald, January 4, 1991