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From: Roy
Date: 18 Apr 2000
Time: 15:43:44


Material provided on this site strongly suggest to fire her due to: 1) Repeated violations of both State and Board of Higher Education's policy concerning  'conflict of interest ' and the misuse of her office for her own political advances . She apparently solicited and received political funds in her office designated for her election and re-election to the ND State legislation . Other medical school resources have  also been misused for same purpose . 2) She created precedents by overriding established medical school policies relevant to student's admissions , a) favored faculty over students (Dr. Blake & Other anatomy faculty ) , b) admitted at least one graduate student to medical school despite the agreed upon completion of his graduate work ( Dr. Sprenger and the alleged Marihuana story reported in the Fargo Forum news ) , and c) ignored State residency requirement for medical school's admission , when admitted a son of medical school's professor ( Dr. Husein ) to gain favoritism , .3) Failed to excercise good judgement and threatened to sue her political election's opponent when he questioned the ethics in her being paid by UND while frequently absent in Bismarck attending the legislative sessions for which she received monetary compensation . 4 ) abused her office to discriminate against a student ( Vivian nelson ) . and 5) lacks of credentials and the corresponding education to perform her 3 duties as Associate Dean of Admission, Student Affairs and Associate Professor of Family Practice, particularly when considering her background as a former Medical School's Secretary with a Nursing education . NOTE : If the administration ignores these items to substantiate termination then other measures might follow , at least respond to these matters and indicate why firing is not required .

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