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Do Medical School Administrators Lack Academic Qualifications? 

Our readers contacted the authors of this site questioning the qualifications of numerous Medical School Administrators and teaching staff. For instance, the Associate Dean of UNDSM whose work experience before joining UND was as an insurance sales agent? (Was his field we wonder 'malpractice')? And the Associate Dean of Student Affairs and Admissions (DEMERS, JUDY L., Associate Dean for Student Affairs and Admissions, and Associate Professor of Family Medicine; M.Ed., University of Washington,) who is a nurse and the former secretary, who has not practiced for 25 years? A nurse teaching and supervising medical students? Only at UND! Included in article also is the time that UND, in a pinch, hired a local Veterinarian to teach the Clinical Anesthesiology class (LEE, KAP J., Director of UND Biomedical Research Facility and Professor of Community Medicine and Rural Health; D.V.M., Seoul National University) !!! This leads to a more disturbing question. Does this mean that the results  of UND medical researchers are being assessed by a D.V.M.? Could this be why UNDSM is rated in the lower 5 medical schools in the nation?!! Is this the quality education President Kupchella refes to in the UND response to our site?

Resumes And Qualifications of UND Employees

1.  Judy DeMers, Associate Dean of the University of North Dakota School of Medicine

2.  Kap Lee, Doctor of Veterinary Medicine

More data will be added in the coming months.