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Hyslop Floor Logo Shows Insensitivity

GRAND FORKS -- I have been unable to trace the issue it appeared in, but recently in a letter to the editor, there rang a clear voice of wisdom and civility for anyone involved in a controversial issue. The call was for respect for all parties and for listening ears, no matter what the opinion.

Those of us involved in the Fighting Sioux logo debate should heed such advice. After the State Board of Higher Education made its decision to retain the name and logo, there were many words from the board and UND's administration about building bridges, about scholarships for Native Americans, about new Native programs, about making UND the "premier university in the country for Native Americans." Those positive thoughts were of education and understanding.

Yet, the insensitive decision to place the Indian head logo on the floor of Hyslop Sports Center for players to tromp upon showed an incredible lack of the kind of respect that might lead to understanding and compromise and made those earlier words of hope and promise ring hollow and false.

It does seem as if the board and the UND administration are speaking out of two sides of the mouth. This decision will make it very difficult to consider sincere any future promises or other overtures of reconciliation on the part of the administration.

It was indeed a sad day.

Jackie Davis
(Davis is a senior lecturer in English at UND)

Source: Grand Forks Herald, July 12, 2001