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Cut Throat U (UND) Cuts the Throats of Downtown Business Owners After the GFK Flood

I operated a business for about 10 years in downtown Grand Forks up until the flood of 1997. I wrote a letter concerning unethical practices by UND directed against my business.

I have included a copy of a Grand Forks Newspaper article. This article included reference to a 40 plus million dollar flood history project. This was a clandestine way to convey acceptance of 40 million dollars for reconstruction of UND after the flood. At this time most independent business owners were still waiting for their first check for rebuilding their businesses. Most owners never received a dime for rebuilding.

The chairman of the history department eventually resigned his position. At no time did I see a retraction to this story in the Herald.

GFK Newspaper Article

Letter concerning unethical practices by UND against a local GFK  business

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