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To Mike Jacobson:

Recently, numerous North Dakotans have written to our website www.und-fraud.com expressing the same sentiment as expressed in your article.

Xenophobia, as defined is the unreasonable fear or hatred of foreigners or strangers or of what is foreign or strange and is present in North Dakota, holding North Dakota back. While it is ok to cling to the familiar and be wary of things and ideas that are different, one only has to look at North Dakota and how it compares to the rest of the country to realize North Dakota is in serious economic trouble. This economic decline can only be corrected and hopefully reversed by an infusion of talented people and money from outside of North Dakota. However, North Dakota can never hope to attract talented individuals as long as its leaders continue to treat outsiders badly. My case, published in detail on the Internet and undisputed by UND is a classic example of xenophobia.

I had some conflicts with UND (none of them academic) and while I was responding, University representatives knowingly lied to the Court by alleging me to be a Moslem, threatening to harm University officials and "seize the place." They claimed I said "My principle of life is an eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth. You kill me and I will kill you. You hurt me and I will hurt you, there will be justice. My patience is wearing real thin. I was raised Moslem. I was raised Islamic. This turn-the-other-cheek thing of you Christians is not the way I operate. When you are Islamic you don't let yourself be walked on."

University representatives further alleged I planned to return to the University of North Dakota School of Medicine in the fall and I "did not give a damn about a restraining order" and would return even if she had to "seize the place"!

Now I agree, had I said this, it does sound pretty scary, but I am a MORMON not a Moslem! Those words never came out of my mouth as I am a Christian.

All the same to the North Dakotan Xenophobes though! I left ND and immediately returned to my field of professional aviation became a turbine systems instructor, chief pilot and pilot examiner at a reputable University.  I remained in professional aviation for the last ten years, and I am still waiting for UND to follow its regulations allowing me to challenge the factually incorrect materials used to destroy my medical career.

I hope the new Grand Forks administrator, coming from a Mormon background has better luck than I did!

Vivian Nelson