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UND women -- possibly hundreds -- are raped each year according to those who assist victims. Almost none are reported.

Could one reason for the lack of reporting be UND's pervasive breeches of medical confidentiality and careless handling of medical records? 

Rape is a very sensitive issue and when the individuals supposed to be helping victims mishandle records and breech confidentiality by notifying supervisors and program directors of each element of each meeting and physical examination, victims simply will not come forward fearing the authorities nearly as much as the rapist because of the long term effects on the victim’s career.

But while some college administrators nationally are under fire for reportedly covering up rapes to protect their college’s image. UND officials apparently are trying to encourage women to come forward and report them.

Unfortunately, this fear of the consequences of reporting these crimes has lead to only a handful of rapes being reported at UND each year.

To date, UND officials have done nothing to correct, or assist in correcting, these medical confidentiality problems.  

-The Editing Board.

Reference Grand Forks Herald