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North Dakota Century Code (15-11-37). Acceptance of gifts by dean of medical school.


"Notwithstanding any other provisions of law, the dean of the university of North Dakota medical school may accept and receive gifts, grants, bequests, and donations that are hereby appropriated for use of the university of North Dakota medical school."

The UNDSM Dean is the only one with a law like this. There are no  laws for other UND (or NDSU) Colleges (e.g. UNDSL, JDO-SAS, College of Arts & Sciences, etc..). Those deans have to go through the University bureaucracies.

There are rules permitting gift acceptance by the North Dakota State Board of Higher Education (NDSBHE).

"This make you wonder" said one of our readers. We agree and we ask, when do "gifts" become bribes? Or are bribes simply "gifts"? We all know the head of any organization can delegate authority. So how far has this really gone?

- The Editors