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My name is Vivian Nelson.  I attended the University of North Dakota School of Medicine intending to utilize my aviation skills as an asset to my rural Wyoming medical practice. I put seven years into my education but after witnessing Judy DeMers doing something illegal my life suddenly changed. Instead of following regulations, UND authorities condoned Judy DeMers' illegal activities, forcing me out of Medical School and destroying all of my opportunities of obtaining a graduate degree.  Subsequently, I returned to work as a professional pilot.

Dissatisfied with the obvious miscarriages of justice surrounding this matter but lacking the thousands of dollars necessary to fight this battle in Court,  I decided to make my story public, and quickly discovered I was not alone.

Introduction - What Happened How UND Buys Alcohol
UND Medical School Officials Falsify Student's Grades UND Administrators  "Force Student To Fail"!
UND Officials Falsify Student's Academic Record UND Condones Harassment
Due Process At UND: A Complete Joke Somebody Else's Religion A Factor !?!
Medical Record Confidentiality? Not At UND! Regulations Disregarded UND

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