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My name is Vivian Nelson.  I  worked as a professional pilot since 1980.  I now teach aviation at a very reputable college. Because aviation is an extremely unstable profession I elected to attend medical school, and utilize my aviation skills as an asset to my Wyoming medical practice. I attended the University of North Dakota School of Medicine. I put seven years into my education and was very active there even being elected treasurer of the medical school's chapter of the American Medical Students Association (AMSA).

Witness to a Bribe

After studying for a particularly difficult test in the Medical School's study rooms, (upstairs in the old building),  I fell asleep.  I awoke to witness Judy DeMers doing something illegal. This is when the trouble started.

The Morning After

Judy approached me the next day and again I reassured her that I had seen nothing. I told her that I was not interested in her politics and that I just wanted to finish school.  This is when Judy DeMers decided to 'finish me.

Discrediting A Potential Accuser

To discredit me Judy DeMers tried to make a case that I had a mental problem and that was why no one should believe what I said. As a commercial pilot, Federal Aviation Regulations and company policies require I be medically certified on a routine basis and be psychiatrically stable.  Yet UND faked papers for Judy DeMers in order to discredit me. 

To further their cause, they accused me of being a crazy Moslem Terrorist who was out to get revenge. I am not a Moslem, but a 'Mormon'. These people were so provincial and out of it, that anyone not Catholic, Lutheran or Methodist was confusing and scary to them! I could not believe this was happening to me.

Although I was an 'excellent' student, Judy also lied about my grades. She said that I was failing tests even though I had my scores to prove I was not.

Threats and Harassment

At about this time I began to get life threatening phone calls and letters. I recorded them and took them to the campus police. My car was covered in feces several times. My books were stolen repeatedly from class and the library. My notes were stolen too. Body parts from cadavers were placed in my amongst my belongings, along with sinister notes.

A Smoking Gun

Although it seems unbelievable that Ms. DeMers would put all of this on paper-she did! Example: Page Number 127 of my Student Records. These people are so used to running the local legal system they seem to have no bounds! All of the North Dakota lawyers and appointed Judges seem to be UND alumni or connected to UND in some way. This gives UND total power and absolution of crimes they commit!

The Hearing

Judy DeMers' status as an Associate Dean gave her credibility in the eyes of many. Consequently, University staff members believed DeMers. Subsequently, I was unable to obtain answers to my academic questions and ultimately the committees deciding my future voted to force me to fail (voice of committeeman Barry Milavitz) because that "I was stressed" in no condition to attend school.

The Aftermath

I was dismissed as a student and went back to commercial aviation.  The letters however, kept coming. Death threats and lewd, disgusting suggestions were faxed then e-mailed to me.

I now have a huge pile of these faxes. They are labeled and come from Judy Demers' fax machine and computer.  I intend to press criminal charges against her for harassment.  Perhaps Ms. Demers needs a weekend in a facility to relieve her 'stress'.

An interesting footnote: UNDSM officials have never denied any of the information or claims made on this web site.


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Forced Failure | Falsified Grades  | UND Falsified Records | Medical Non-Confidentiality | Condoned Harassment | Due Process Denied | Religion A Factor !?!| How UND Buys Alcohol