Medical Record Excerpts Verify University Of North Dakota Physician Bradley Braunagel Blatantly Violated Regulations Pertaining To Medical Confidentiality.

By engaging in unauthorized communication with Associate Dean Judy DeMers, University of North Dakota physician Bradley Braunagel repeatedly violated medical confidentiality statutes.

On August 25, 1988, unbeknownst to me, medical school officials began a series of communiqués subsequent to receiving a factually incorrect letter authored by a physician who really did not know me.

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On August 28, 1989, still unaware of the on-going medical confidentiality violations, Bradley Braunagel guaranteed me medical confidentiality is not a concern at the University of North Dakota. I queried Bradley Braunagel subsequent to noticing the unusual interest University officials seemed to possess concerning my case.

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Bradley Braunagel reiterated his inaccurate assurance in a letter dated September 1, 1989.


For forty-five days commencing on February 5, 1990, University administrators lead by Judy DeMers and Thomas Akers pursued charges I cheated on an examination I did not take nor was I scheduled to take. Naturally, the allegations coupled with the associated hearings and the preparation for those hearings seriously imperiled my academic standing.

On February 8, 1990, after learning about these allegations, University of North Dakota physician, Dr. Bradley Braunagel again communicated with medical school officials violating medical confidentiality regulations.

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