Medical Record Excerpts Verify University Of North Dakota Physician Assistant Harold Vanscoy Violated Regulations Pertaining To Medical Confidentiality.

By engaging in unauthorized communication with Associate Dean Judy DeMers, University of North Dakota physician assistant Harold Vanscoy repeatedly violated medical confidentiality statutes.


The Wyoming Board of Medicine took disciplinary action against Kathryn DK Kohler for authoring the factually incorrect letter referred to by Harold Vanscoy. Observing the response North Dakota personnel afford such a ridiculous piece of junk mail raises questions regarding the suitability of these individuals to operate a medical school or continue employment in the medical field.

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The subsequent statements demonstrate the extent of University of North Dakota arrogant incompetence.

To begin, Judy DeMers lacks licensure and qualifications to work with anyone concerning "psychological problems." Secondly, Vanscoy’s perceived "numerous psychological problems" are the factually incorrect assumptions of Kathryn DK Kohler. Thirdly, what authority does Harold Vanscoy possess to make such a statement about me? No individual from Student Health (including Harold Vanscoy) spoke to me. These people possess no right or authority to issue such statements.

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