University representatives knowingly lied to the Court by alleging me to be a Moslem, threatening to harm University officials and "seize the Place."

University of North Dakota attorney, Gary Thune, alleged I stated:

"My principle of life is an eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth. You kill me and I will kill you. You hurt me and I will hurt you, there will be justice. My patience is wearing real thin. I was raised Muslim. I was raised Islamic. This turn-the-other-cheek thing of you Christians is not the way I operate. When you are Islamic you don't let yourself be walked on."

In an April 28, 1993, telephone conversation University representatives allege I stated I was going to return to medical school at the University of North Dakota in the fall and I did not give a damn about a restraining order and would return even if she had to "seize the place".


1. My family and I have a well-documented Christian heritage. Typical of many individuals from the Western United States, I am 'Mormon' not Moslem. I never threatened or said anything about "seizing the place," killing, or harming anyone. University representatives invented this falsehood to take advantage of my financial inability to obtain legal assistance and to create an aura of sensationalism hoping to prevail in this matter.

2. When I asked Mr. Thune for proof of my alleged comments he obtained an injunction prohibiting me from contacting his law firm unless such communication occurred in writing! Naturally, Mr. Thune never answered my written correspondence because the allegations utilized to obtain injunctions and judgments in this matter are factually incorrect.


1. Why is religion a factor in this matter? Is it illegal to be Moslem or are Moslems prohibited from enjoying religious freedom and other constitutional guarantees?

2. How many Muslims have been attacked this way at the University of North Dakota?



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